Dr Sandra L WheatleyThe services of Dr Sandra Wheatley as an expert Psychologist in all aspects of the media at a local, National and International level are provided by Potent. Recently these have included:

Newspapers: Quarterly Columnist (The Sunday Times), commenting on breaking news stories (Daily Mail) and contributing to Feature articles (“My View” The Sun).

Magazines: Agony Aunt (Pregnancy & Birth), Psychology Quiz constructor (Bella) and contributor to feature articles (Closer, Heat, Now, Psychologies).

Radio: Commenting on breaking news stories (BBC radio 5 Live) and contributing to Feature articles (BBC4 “Womans Hour”); both live and pre-recorded.

Television: Commenting on breaking news stories (Sky News), contributing to programme development and commissioning (C5 “My Secret Past”), expert analysis of reality show participants (BBC3 “Young Mums Mansion”) and Presenting (ITV1 “Tonight with Trevor Macdonald”).

Internet: Agony Aunt ( and contributor to feature articles (, BBC News,

In the last 24 hours alone (at the time of writing) she has commented on why Katie Price is still wearing her wedding ring from her previous marriage for “Now” magazine, why children who move house three times or more during the first five years of their life are likely to have higher than usual levels of anxiety for the “Daily Telegraph”, and why people are wise to invest in their pet both emotionally and financially for the “Daily Express”.

These interviews and/or appearances are typically arranged directly by the Journalists / Producers themselves with Sandra by email or by calling 0208 1239320.