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“Sandra is an invaluable contact for the Features department at The Sun. We often need an expert psychologist to comment on the stories of the day and Sandra is always bang on with her analysis, promptness and professionalism. Even on our notoriously tight deadlines Sandra delivers without fail.”
David Lowe, Feature Writer, The Sun

“I have worked with Sandra many times for help with stories I am writing and consider her to be my ‘go-to’ psychologist when I need an expert comment. She is reliable, willing and 100 per cent professional, always being on hand to give me the information I need quickly and to the standard required by a national newspaper. I have quoted Sandra many times in the Express and on every occasion have been delighted to work with her, and found her input invaluable.”
Nathan Rao, Consumer Affairs Editor, Daily Express

“I’ve contacted Sandra for expert comment on several occasions. Her expertise shines through and has often taken me in directions I wouldn’t necessarily have thought of. She is always professional and reliable and – unlike many – she also understands the meaning of a deadline. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.”
Hugh Wilson, Freelance Journalist

“Working with her was a pleasure. The advice she contributed was clear, helpful and thought provoking – just what was needed!”
Katie Masters, Freelance Journalist

“Dr Sandra Wheatley offers incisive insight into issues relating to Psychology, giving added value to features I’ve written. Professional and personable, she is very good at explaining ideas and decoding jargon for the reader.”
Laura Kemp, Author and Writer

“I’ve always found Dr Sandra Wheatley great to work with. As a busy journalist with ever changing deadlines, Dr Wheatley is very quick to get back to me. She’s very knowledgeable about her subject and is every journalist’s dream in that her quotes are fresh and interesting. She’s the kind of expert I go back to time and time again.”
Maria Lally, Freelance Journalist

“Sandra has always been swift to respond to my queries regarding a range of articles providing swift, professional and relevant advice and information.”
Ursula Hirschkorn, Freelance Journalist

“Sandra is exactly the kind of expert you want on your books. I was given her contact details and had an interview set up within a few hours. If memory serves me correctly, Sandra even gave me some quotes while on the go – a font of knowledge indeed.”
Emma Daly, Writer, Practical Parenting & Pregnancy, Prima Baby & Pregnancy, and Junior