PR & Marketing

The services of Dr Sandra Wheatley as an expert Psychologist in all aspects of marketing at a local, National and International level are provided by Potent.

For the past 20 years she has conducted and commented on research for several marketing campaigns for various product launches and re-branding for organisations such as Honda, B&Q, Natwest Bank, Sheila’s Wheels through top ranked PR Consultancies such as Markettiers4DC, Ketchum Pleon, and Hill & Knowlton. Most recently she has completed a Global Social Report with Fleishman-Hillard.

SANDRA002SANDRA022Specifically she is experienced in the following aspects of marketing campaigns and is happy to assist in any or all of them as outlined below, as required by the Client and the Agency.

  • Designing questionnaires for market research
  • Analysing market research
  • Researching the current Academic peer-refereed articles
  • Drafting press release content
  • Providing stand-alone Quotes for Press Releases
  • Maintaining Press Embargo for Press Releases
  • Producing written reports for publication coinciding with a Product launch or re-branding at various levels of accessibility (most commonly in three formats for public consumption, in a media friendly style, and of a standard that is Academically respected)
  • Providing quotes and comments for subsequent Feature articles for Newspapers and Magazines
  • Providing quotes and comments for subsequent live and pre-recorded radio interviews
  • Providing quotes and comments for subsequent live pre-recorded television interviews

These services are typically arranged directly by the Account Director’s themselves with Sandra by email or by calling 0208 123 8481.