Nine women, Nine months, Nine lives

This book is written for all those having (or recently having had) their first child and contains the actual and varied experiences of nine women expecting their first baby. From the moment they saw the blue line on the pregnancy test up until their child’s first birthday their new lives and how they feel about them, as they tell them, are presented.

Nine Women, Nine Months, Nine Lives

“I really do think that people should be more honest about it all. About everything… like the absolute joy of it all, but also like the downfalls of it… to explain that everybody feels like it, it’s not just you!”

New Baby magazine: All mums and mums-to-be will be able to relate to these poignant, truthful and often humorous accounts of motherhood.

Prima Baby magazine: One of the 3 best pregnancy reads: If you’re newly pregnant and wondering what you’ve let yourself in for, this book aims to reassure you about the range of emotions you’re likely to have via the stories of nine women who’ve ‘been there’.

The Practising Midwife Journal: The book is well written and has clear guidelines for the reader, with the author remembering that she too may be expecting her first child and experiencing similar problems to the women in the book… As a mother of four I found myself reliving my births, as the women highlighted experiences. I now know that there are others who share the same conflict of emotions, but for the first-time mum these shared experiences would be a welcome comfort!

The author, Dr Sandra L Wheatley, says “many of the hundreds of women I have spoken to just want to know is it normal to feel like I do? The aim of this book is to reassure you about the range of emotions and experiences it is likely that you will have when becoming a mother for the first time. Hopefully by reassuring you it will help you to be more resilient and adapt effectively to your new day-to-day life.”

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