Pride & Panic

Pride & Panic: the paternal experience of parenthood?

Men often find it difficult to discuss how they are feeling about this most intimate of ongoing emotional experiences. Consequently there is very little information out there to be shared.

This makes it incredibly hard for his partner to know what he’s likely to be thinking and feeling about his role as a parent and also for him to work out whether what he’s feeling and how he’s behaving are remotely normal!

The aim of this book is to pool paternal experiences both recently and distantly experienced to provide a light-hearted look, that is hopefully humorous, detailing a database of daddy incidents we can all relate to.

Are you or do you know someone who would be willing to spend an hour or two discussing their experiences of being a father with Dr Sandra L Wheatley? This could be your opportunity to help reassure others who are experiencing these feelings of pride and panic for the first, but not the last, time! If so please do send an email to

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